B Alice 768


ing Alice Marquez

Industrial Engineer

Industrial Engineer LUZ (1984), graduated with honors, languages: Spanish, English, with extensive training and experience in Maintenance Planning and Programming, as well as in the diagnosis and improvement of Maintenance performance and Reliability of equipment and facilities, implementing models, methodologies, processes, technologies and organizational culture, to achieve World Class standards that allow quantum leaps in the performance and industrial competitiveness of the business. Competencies in soft areas of knowledge such as Management, Leadership, Supervision and Team Building stand out.

He served (1985-2002) as Leader of Implementation of Asset Management and Operational Reliability Technologies, and homologation of Best Practices in the Venezuelan Refining System, Manager of Planning, Contracting, Budget and Management of the CRP, Leader of Change Management in SAP Implementation in CRP, Quality Management and Continuous Improvement Consultant, LAGOVEN-Amuay, Contract Administrator LAGOVEN-Amuay, Maintenance Planner LAGOVEN-Amuay, Maintenance Executor LAGOVEN-Amuay.

He works (2003 – current) as a Senior Consultant for the Implementation of World Class Practices in the areas of Operational Reliability, Maintenance Planning and Programming, Management Control and Competence Management of Maintenance Human Talent, advising Directions and Managements of companies in the oil industry in ECOPETROL and VETRA (Colombia) and PEMEX (Mexico), as well as National companies in the Metallurgical, Sugar and Food sectors.